Tale in a creepy forest

Hold Your Breath

BP Walter

This tale begins in a very straightforward way – a ten-year-old girl is dragged along to the countryside by her parents somewhat against her will, especially since her mother has mental health problems which make even the most straightforward of journeys even more complicated.

But their journey is long and dark and ends in a remote cottage in the middle of a dense and very creepy forest in Northumberland. Why has her dad brought them to this remote and unwelcoming place?

It is at this point that the story switches to the present and the 10-year-old is being interviewed by the police over a suspicious death in the forest when she was a child.

We discover that Kitty Marchland published a novel about her troubled past during the spooky events that took place during her family’s visit to the spooky forest.  She is facing questions about what really happened and as the narrative switches between past and present. The truth, when we discover it, turns out to be horrifying.

Cleverly incorporating elements of the supernatural, Hold Your Breath is creepy and disturbing crime fiction. With a well-paced and gritty plot, perceptive characterisation and satisfying conclusion,

Published by pod1942

I am a cereer journalist having worked for the London Dail Mail, Reuters and latterly the Liverpool Daily Post on Merseyside as well as the journalists’ leader in the region. I have experience as a crime reporter, feature writer, business editor and latterly, a senior sub-editor. My qualifications include a BA (Hons) English, from the University of Liverpool; a BA (Hons) Fine Art and an MA in Creative Practice both from Liverpool Hope University. I now divide my time between art and writing. I will shortly be publishing my first full-length novel, The Poseidon Files and as a taster I have written a short story which features the same central female character in which she talks about her world and her life. It is, however, essentially a ghost story.

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