Naomi in retrospect

For fans of Naomi, there are now two novels and one short story in which she is the primary character. The first has just been re-edited, updated and renamed as Pursued by Shadows which I talked about in my last post. The second, Kill Joy, is the most recent in which Naomi in which Naomi sets out to find what has happened to children’s author Joy Davis who mysteriously disappeared after her car crashes during a snowstorm on the outskirts of Liverpool. Has she simply escaped her cheating and wasteful husband Jon or has something more menacing happened? Could her disappearance be linked to her writing which has moved in a new, darker, direction, following her interest in the story of a convicted serial killer? Or has she simply decided to disappear like Agatha Christie?

Naomi decides to investigate and discovers that Joy’s disappearance is more menacing and leads her and journalist Sandra Parry into uncovering a conspiracy involving murder, intrigue and trafficking.

But Joy isn’t dead despite an attempt to murder her and she eventually tells of her ordeal and how she survived. She carefully plans her revenge to bring her ‘murderer’ to justice.

I am in the process of writing a third Naomi story which should be4 available by Christmas.

The final tale is the short story in which Naomi makes her debut. The story can be read on this website.

Both Pursued by Shadows and Kill Joy are available on Amazon both as eBooks and paperbacks.

Published by pod1942

I am a cereer journalist having worked for the London Dail Mail, Reuters and latterly the Liverpool Daily Post on Merseyside as well as the journalists’ leader in the region. I have experience as a crime reporter, feature writer, business editor and latterly, a senior sub-editor. My qualifications include a BA (Hons) English, from the University of Liverpool; a BA (Hons) Fine Art and an MA in Creative Practice both from Liverpool Hope University. I now divide my time between art and writing. I will shortly be publishing my first full-length novel, The Poseidon Files and as a taster I have written a short story which features the same central female character in which she talks about her world and her life. It is, however, essentially a ghost story.

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