A Poseidon milestone

Liverpool artist and writer Mike Rickett is celebrating the fact that his debut novel The Poseidon Files has passed the milestone of 4,000 Kindle Unlimited downloads with a total of 4,257 as of last Sunday. There have also been over 1,000 eBook sales in the few months that the book has been published.

Commenting earlier today, Mike said: “I have to say that indie publishing was seriously hard work and I was beginning to regret it but to my astonishment when it did finally appear, people actually read it and what is more appeared to enjoy it.”

So far, the novel has received 11 global verified 5-star ratings and reviews on Amazon with plaudits such as ‘page-turner’, ‘heart-pounding’, ‘engaging’ and ‘thrilling.’ One or two even suggested it would make a good film or TV series, especially given the popularity of Liverpool as a film location which is where the story is largely set.

Mike’s second novel, Kill Joy, is set to be published after Christmas. Briefly, in the story Children’s author Joy Davis mysteriously vanishes. Her car is found abandoned in a snowstorm. Has she been abducted, or has she walked out on a waster husband? Her friend Naomi Richards decides to find out and uncovers a web of murder and deceit.

The Poseidon Files is on Amazon Kindle ASIN: B0892668HX and on KIndle Unlimited

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