Tale in a creepy forest

Hold Your Breath BP Walter This tale begins in a very straightforward way – a ten-year-old girl is dragged along to the countryside by her parents somewhat against her will, especially since her mother has mental health problems which make even the most straightforward of journeys even more complicated. But their journey is long andContinue reading “Tale in a creepy forest”

The woman that was never there

The Woman in Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware Journalist ‘Lo’ Laura Blacklock lives a turbulent, boozy existence and is seeking something to put her life back on track again. She is a 32-year-old Londoner who needs ‘something’; either a man or promotion but she isn’t quite sure which. Before she can come to any kindContinue reading “The woman that was never there”

Naomi – a woman of mystery

‘Naomi’ is a short story of under 5,000 words which introduces the primary character in my first full-length novel called The Poseidon Files, to be published on May 26. Naomi is an artist and a psychic who lives in Liverpool’s fashionable Rodney Street in the UK, and she tells a spooky tale set in theContinue reading “Naomi – a woman of mystery”