A study of space and time

This work is perhaps the most challenging of my relief work. It is called ‘The Matrix’ and is a study of how shapes can represent space. It is inspired by the reliefs of English artist Ben Nicholson who experimented with shapes. He was influenced by Post-IMpressionism and Cubism and produced his first geometric and abstractContinue reading “A study of space and time”

Art in the avante-garde

This is Composition No.12. measuring 81cm x 48cm. It is inspired by that great Ukranian artist Kazimir Malevitch. He was an avant-garde artist and art theorist, whose pioneering work and writing had a profound influence on the development of abstract art in the 20th century. Born in Kiev to an ethnic Polish family, his conceptContinue reading “Art in the avante-garde”

Naomi’s thrilling debut

Pursued by Shadows is the very first of the full-length Naomi stories and involves an international conspiracy. Get it now on Amazon: Ebook; ASIN: B0BG3FQGW8. Paperback; ASIN: B0BFW61D2S. Artist and mystic Naomi Richards has become something of a cult figure and in this story her abilities help her and Canadian friend Alex Nelson solve theContinue reading “Naomi’s thrilling debut”