Conspiracy of Evil

A story where the occult takes a hand

The Poseidon Files

Naomi Richards, 26, leads an uneventful life, enjoying the new-found freedom in bustling Liverpool that a divorce from a cheating husband has brought her. But she unknowingly has a secret that could change the world and bring her tranquil existence to a dramatic end.

The secret that Naomi unknowingly has is passed to her by whistle-blowing scientist George Parry. It is a small memory card hidden in a Mickey Mouse keyring. It began when Parry stumbles across secret research in Alaska at an installation called HAARP where the US military want to tranform the weather into a weapon of mass destruction. Parry decides to visit his parents in the UK and to pass the files on to the press or the BBC.

In Toronto, private investigator Alex Nelson is hired by HAARP to recover the files.  She follows Parry to Liverpool where she meets Naomi.

The night after meeting Naomi, Parry is found murdered in a Liverpool hotel room.

Naomi and Alex become targets from menacing, shadowy, forces which they attempt to escape from when a Russian is found murdered in Naomi’s apartment. They travel to Snowdonia.

But there is an attempt to murder Naomi in the mists of mount Snowdon. They return to Liverpool where the final drama is played out on the streets of Liverpool where Naomi is abducted and held hostage by a criminal gang. The final confrontation takes place in a notoriously haunted sunken cemetery that lies alongside Liverpool’s majestic Anglican cathedral.

Will the world be warned about HAARP? Is there a cover-up? The final chapters reveal unexpected twists when things are not what they seem.

The Poseidon Files will shortly be published on Amazon Kindle. If you would like to be notified, please contact me on

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